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THE MAVREX: The Surf Trainer For Surf Strength Conditioning

THE MAVREX: The Surf Trainer For Surf Strength Conditioning

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Mavrex Fitness Surf Trainer for Surfing & Swimming Strength and Endurance

The Mavrex is a game-changing development in the surf fitness world. The Mavrex Surf Trainer consists of two pull units that contain self-retracting resistance ropes attached to handles. With the units anchored in place the athlete grips the handles and paddles. The exercise perfectly replicates the motion and resistance of paddling a surfboard through the water.

What's Included

2 x Mavrex Endruance Trainers (Door attachment included)

Sold as a pair.

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The Mavrex is incredibly simple to set up.

1. Take out of the box

2. Hang the hook on the top of the open door

3. Hook your Mavrex units up via the metal d-shackle

4. Hook the Door Anchors over the top of the door

5. Close the door

6. Unhook your Mavrex from the hook, leave the hook in place (it doesn’t get in the way).

7. At the end of your session, reverse the process – hook the units on, open the door and take them down carefully.

Revolution In Surf Paddle Training

The Mavrex surf paddle trainer is a completely new invention for surfing fitness.

Training the upper body for endurance has been difficult to do out of the water until now.

Surfers have never had the opportunity to train the vital arm, shoulder and back muscles which are so vital for endurance in the surf.


By training your surf endurance while out of the water with the Mavrex, you’ll be able to surf at your best for the whole time your in the water. More surf endurance means more waves, and better surfing – more fun and more stoke!


Do you ever find yourself missing waves or being too slow to pop up because you’re just too tired from paddling?

Do you ever leave the water frustrated because the waves were there but you weren’t on them because you’re just too unfit?

The Mavrex is your answer! Do you want to be a better surfer?

The better your upper body endurance, the more waves you will catch the more time you spend on your feet surfing – the better surfer you’ll become – The Mavrex is your answer!!